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The richest, most powerful today,

Should not be too proud with their fortunes,

Because tomorrow can reveal some funny truths

That generally brings man back to humanity.

Because all of us, we are just human.

The world is definitely on the way to a deep change with a transitional phase that will lead within few decades to the last step ending a cycle. Many of important secrets will soon be revealed from Africa for a better understanding of life and the destiny of humanity..

Important upset/Upheavals are now gradually taking place to totally change the balance of the humanity.

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It is also the time for a grateful glance on the Great Britain and the Queen of England without whom, even one can not forget s
some sad souvenirs; these wonderful pages of the history would not have been written or told.

African Sphinx and Nobels (AFRISBELS) thinks that Africa is the great City of the humanity that the Madiba’s Legend has
just come to remind to his so scattered and busy family.

African Sphinx and Nobels is an African Organization working for the development of Africa thanks to technologies, Health development
and culture. For her, “We trust in the future; and the future…is Africa”.


African Sphinx and Nobels (AFRISBELS) is an Organisation founded since long but legalised in 2008 for Health actions, Environment protection, Training, Research and Development of Africa thanks to Sciences, Technologies, Art and Cultures.

Formerly active in many African countries, we are now concentrated on basical Programs in few countries before spreading all over.

Even the Headquarter is supposed to remain in Douala, we have pilot centres in rural regions with a pilot Office in Bamenda in North west Region of Cameroon. We are more present on the field than in offices.

AFRISBELS is open to every body that has a dream for a better world.

We are not just a concept; we are the way for the future.

We have a vision for the world, we are the world.

Where ever you are, don’t ask who you are, don’t care about where you are; you have a place in the cradle; and we are happy to receive you.

Come and plant a seed through our programs for the posterity.

The world today has come to maturity.

For us, even he is facing problems and difficulties, the world is a wonderful Family; a nice Nation where everybody is so important and has a unique role to play.

We make of differences a fortune to display and to share. And we are happy to face challenges and deals that can bring families together and improve every body’s life.
We were the past; we plant all over the world, we are the future.
We know about the past, and we make it an advantage for the future!
We are the link between cultures, traditions and people,
We are a bridge between generations and civilisations.





Invest for the Future
If you want to invest in the future, if you want to contribute to a brighter future in Africa and in the world, join us and be part of any of our projects. Come and invest for the blossom of the live and happiness of the new generation
GFHI starts in October, 2013
The academic year of GreenFountain Higher Institute shall effectively commence in October, 2013 at 8am at Bamenda. For more information please call the management.
Training of Community Health Agents
Universalis Health Agent Training Program Beginning of the Program: 20 AUGUST 2013 TRAINING OF COMMUNITY HEALTH AGENTS in: Medicine, Laboratory and Computer.
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